This is a list I'll be maintaining of free (mostly) horror games! Can you think of anything I missed, or are any links/screenshots broken? Let me know, please!

Last Updated October 1st, 2015

WARNING: Considering that these are horror games, some of them may contain very violent or otherwise disturbing images and concepts. I would consider everything on this list to be at least a PG-13 equivalent either due to the content or the nature of the experience in general, with some the entries leaning more towards 18+. This list also contains screenshots, and while I'm trying not to spoil anything or traumatize anyone, there's probably going to be some blood and/or monsters and stuff in some of them. ...Also I'm kind of foul-mouthed in my comments sometimes, heh. If any of this sounds no good to you then please do not click past the cut/scroll down!

I also don't vouch for the quality of any of these. MostSome of these really suck, but are included for completeness and because obviously different people have different opinions. For instance I can't stand Slender of any of the million knockoffs, but some people can't get enough of that crap, so.

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Hello! Chances are you're only here because I forced you to look at it, but regardless welcome to a shitty text LP of...

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A while back I wrote this argument thesis on how and why video games can be considered "art" alongside other mediums often considered more legitimate. It was for a college course, but I thought I might as well share it online for others to consider and/or discuss. Dreamwidth is a big stupid and makes formatting hard, so I just uploaded it to Google Docs and you can find it here.
Here's a set of icons for Yuuko from Katawa Shoujo!

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